Helpful Resources

Teaching Tools

This section is home to various tools to help with ESL teaching from printouts, helpful links, and recommended book lists. Just extra resources to help you in and out of the classroom.

Helpful Printouts

Weekly Class Schedule: Download

This is a simple template to keep track of classes and events during the week.

Lesson Plan Template: Download  Download

This is a quick lesson plan template to outline activities and materials needed for each lesson.

Helpful Links

Non-JET Related Resources

ALT Insider Blog

ALT Insider is a blog dedicated to life as an ALT. The blog includes resources for new ALTs, including games, links, and materials.

TESL Electronic Journal for English as a Second Language

This website has a series of interesting articles about teaching English as a foreign/second language as well as links to a host of material and resources. A usual website if you are looking at gaining a closer understanding of the learning process and research aspect of TESL work.

Internet Second Language Collective

This website has a large collection of printable and electronic resources that could be adapted for your classrooms. Registration may be required.

ESL Headquarters

This website has a massive collection of ESL tools, lessons, worksheets, games and active forum to get ideas from. Registration may be required.

The Internet TESL Journal

This website has a database of material, articles and resources all dedicated to teaching ESL.

JET Related Sources

AJET Educational Links

A list of links provided by AJET that range from English lessons to project ideas, to other resources.

Teach Materials Exchange Forum – Official JET Programme Forums

Unfortunately the main forums on the official site has been taken down for review with no ETA on when it will be restored. Fortunately the archive of teaching materials remains accessible for the time being.

Teaching and Lesson Plans – I Think I’m Lost Forums

This site is an unofficial forum dedicated to JET, Private ALTs, and living in Japan in general. They also have a fair collection of material on their forums that might be of use. Just to note, since this is not an official JET forum the content in the other areas of the site are largely uncensored and sometimes rather frank.[/box]​

Recommended Book List

Planet Eigo (Download Free from Download


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