About Us

About Us

The Tochigi ALT Network is dedicated to helping new and current ALTs everywhere with helpful tools, lessons and material for in and out of the classroom. The network was established specifically for ALTs in Tochigi Prefecture in Japan, but is open for all ALTs and English teachers anywhere in the world. The material here has been created by community members or has been customized from other sources and is completely free to download and use.

About Tochigi Prefecture: Tochigi is located about two hours north of Tokyo in Japan. The main city in Tochigi is Utsunomiya, but the prefecture is also known for other main cities including Tochigi City, Nasushiobara, Nikko, Sano, Oyama and others. You can find more about Tochigi Prefecture on their wiki page: To Wikipedia

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How to Contact Us?
Join us on our Facebook Page at: https://www.facebook.com/tochigiALTnetwork
Follow us on our Twitter feed at: https://twitter.com/TochigiALTN
Also you can Contact us via email at: staff@tochigialts.com

Meet the Staff

daleDale Brown
Director of Content Management, Site Administrator

Dale is an American who grew up in the wine valleys of Oregon. Dale is a graduate from Portland State University in Portland, Oregon where he studied history. He has been teaching in Nikko, Japan since 2013 as an assistant language teacher at three local high schools through the JET Program. Dale's skills include technical writing, web-based media design, and curriculum design. Dale's interests include early modern history, hiking, traveling and cooking. Dale has a passion for education and is interested in becoming a history teacher in the near future.

Jon Fain
Director of Social Media

Jon Fain is an assistant language teacher in Tochigi Prefecture. Hailing from Connecticut in America, Jon has acquired an impressive array of skills and perspectives that makes him uniquely suited for the position of Social Media Director for the site. Jon's interests include writing, rock climbing, traveling, and reading with a pipe in his mouth. Jon is currently working on two major projects: a fiction novel and crying on command.

brittanyBrittany Rock
Lead Contributor

Brittany graduated from American University in Washington, DC with her Bachelors in International Studies. After spending 2 years working at Youth For Understanding USA, she became an ALT on the JET Program and moved to Japan in 2013. Passionate about food and travel, she is constantly striving to learn more about the world around us and hopes to inspire others to the same. In addition to this website, she also contributes content to GoAbroad.com and Japan Travel.

AlexAlex Partridge
Content Contributor

Alixander is a JET in the flatlands of Oyama city and hails from a small farm in the county of Cornwall in the United Kingdom. A Mathematics graduate from Bristol, he hopes to pursue a career in Robotics Engineering for a Space Agency upon completion of his time in Japan. He is a great lover of music and exploring and when not teaching can be found either sitting at home with one of his various instruments, or getting lost down a muddy road on his bike.

rufusRufus Mortimer von Scrufferson, Esq.
Director of Internal Security and Human Resources

Rufus is an independently wealthy tend setter who divides his days between lounging on bookshelves and working on highly classified assignments from Top spy agencies throughout the world. Rufus enjoys staring contests and being cuddled.